New Blood at Elmham Surgery

New faces are to be seen at Elmham Surgery. They belong to three new assistant doctors who were appointed to fill gaps left by the departure of doctors who had been on short-term appointments.

Two of the new arrivals are women: Dr Jenny Lees, who has been practising in Wisbech, and Dr Amreetha De Var. She, like the other new arrival, Dr Marc Epstein, is recently qualified.  The Patient Participation group was told at its latest meeting that the aim was to increase the staffing at each surgery session and thus enable them to further reduce the waiting time to see a doctor.

On the longer term, the practice is still one short of a partner.  There is still the intention to make up the number to four again but the search for candidates is apparently unlikely to begin before the end of the year.

Meanwhile, the Elmham practice continues to establish itself as a front-runner for local health-care in Norfolk. One innovation that has attracted a lot of attention has become known as 'integrated care'. This procedure brings a social services case-worker into the surgery to join in the supervision of patients going into hospital and, importantly, their return home. The Elmham scheme is now one of the primary care trust's standard models of care, to be extended throughout Norfolk.

Don't forget, if there's anything you want to raise about the Surgery, you should contact Ted Sansom (01362 668734) or Alan MacKim (01362 668831).

Alan MacKim

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