CHURCH NEWS - April 2016

Posted in Parish Matters

SERVICE ARRANGEMENTS in 2016. The new monthly pattern of services begins in April and is experimental for the summer months. Most of the services (there will be one 8am Holy Communion in North Elmham) will begin either at 9am or 10.30am. The current range of services for the Elmham Group will generally continue but with some adjustments. Every effort will be made to find priests to lead Holy Communion services, particularly during the ‘interregnum’, but congregations may have to be flexible. If experience shows that the experimental summer monthly pattern needs to be changed the churchwardens will work with Reverend Sally Kimmis to find a better pattern.
For all baptism and wedding services initial enquiries should be made to Reverend Sally Kimmis (01362) 680148.

PRAYER FOCUS. Those living on or near: Elmham Park, Park View Cottage and Holt Road including Lawes Court and Spencers Close to the King’s Head, Brisley Road and Dereham Road.
Prayers are offered for all in the community, but if there are any specific prayer requests, either for public or private prayer, please let Reverend Sally Kimmis know.

“CHUCH HEWMER”. A teacher at a Church Primary School asked the children just before they walked up the road for a service in the local church, "And why is it necessary to be quiet in church?" Annie replied, "Because people are sleeping"

Nicholas Varnon (Rector)