Conservation Areas

Conservation Areas

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Conservation Areas are parts of towns and villages that have been identified as being of special architectural or historical interest.  The Council aims to preserve or enhance the character of these areas.  
Trees are included as part of the definition of character. 

Accordingly all trees with a trunk diameter of 75mm or greater, measured 1.5m above the ground carry the same protection and penalties that they would have if they were covered by a Tree Preservation Order. 

Should you wish to carry out work to any trees in a Conservation Area, you are required to give Breckland Council 6 weeks notice of your intentions and the reasons for them. 

The Council reserves the 6 week period in which to make a Tree Preservation Order if it wishes to retain the tree, or declare that it has no objections,  In practice, it will declare its view much sooner than 6 weeks and if no TPO is forthcoming, work may proceed henceforth.