Parish Council Meeting - 6 August 2014

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North Elmham Parish Council Meeting – 6th August 2014

There were 2 members of the public present and Peter Wade-Martins took the chair.

Public Participation

Meg White raised the issue of what would happen if the village expands, who would consult with the school, surgery, Anglia Water etc., she also raised the point that currently a new family in the village cannot even get their children into school, as it is full and their children have to go to Swanton Morley. It was pointed out that Mike Brennan (Senior Planning Officer) will be at the next meeting and may be able to answer some of the questions raised.

Norman Clarke raised an issue that he had reported to him claiming that an item mentioned in Elmham News was inaccurate, specifically that according to the Parish Plan only 3 people wanted a new village hall. It was pointed out during the

discussion that the statement about only 3 people was in actual fact just a side issue as the question that had actually been asked was about the existing facilities and numerous written notes had suggested a new hall – sufficiently so for it to be raised at CPAG (the successor to the Parish Plan) and 2 open public meetings had been overwhelmingly in favour of investigating a new facility as the old ones were not really fit for purpose.


Peter Braybrook and Bill Borrett

Declarations of Interest

Peter Wade-Martins regarding the prospective New Hall.

Resolution to Grant a Dispensation in respect of the New Hall

Martin Phillips took over the Chair from Peter Wade-Martins and the Clerk gave a report from NALC saying that dispensation could be given to Peter Wade- Martins in this case in order that he could take part in discussion It was explained that it was only to give Peter Wade-Martins the same standing as any other Councillor and it would allow him to comment on proposals. There was a discussion with both sides of opinion represented, however it was pointed out that as there was no pecuniary interest and no money would change hands it was only fair to allow it. The proposal was passed with 5 in favour, 1 against and 2 abstentions.

Peter Wade-Martins resumed the chair from Martin Phillips.

The minutes of the previous meeting were agreed

Matters Arising

The dog bin at Cathedral Drive now opens the other way and the hedge there has also been trimmed.

Land Management

Village Green

Ivy and ash tree saplings have been removed from the property concerned. Norman Clarke said that a new dog bin was required to replace the one at Oak Avenue as the hinge had rotted through and could not be repaired, it was agreed to order a new replacement. He also raised the suggestion of more trees being planted in the middle of the Green. It was agreed to look at the matter however as the suggested position would be right in the middle of the open space and could potentially spoil the open view. There were members not really in favour of the suggestion but it was agreed to look further.

Cathedral Ruins

A structural engineer has still not visited the high section of wall and it was suggested writing a formal letter requesting it to Adrian Baker (English Heritage). It was mentioned that he would be paying a visit to the site on 16th August. The Lynex mowers have been cutting the moat but they still have some to finish off due to mower problems.

Broom Green

The grass has now been cut but the reeds are a problem once again. A discussion is needed with Tom Cook to find the best way forward. John Labouchere would organize.

Bridleway on disused railway line

The new County Council officer in charge of footpaths has formed some definite ideas on the matter and would like a meeting to discuss them. It was agreed to ask for a date to allow Bill Borrett to attend as well.

Street Lights

The lamp standard in Larch Grove will have to be moved as its current position is unsuitable due to the proximity of drains and with the lack of support on the property side as the land falls away sharply, wind would likely move the column and cause further drainage problems. It was pointed out that there had been a number of very aggressive telephone calls from one property owner. One of the new lights in Cathedral Drive has failed and the matter is being taken up with the manufacturer.

Highway Matters

The cables have now been put back properly on the poles in Brisley Road and Great Heath Road. Bob Fetcher mentioned an email received regarding stones on the road and smashed windscreens. Mr Goff’s farm manager was dealing with the problem.


It was announced that there would be no PCSO for the area due to the cutback in staff.

Pavilion and Playing Field

The textile bin has now been emptied but the bottle banks are now full again. £135 from some Pavilion lettings was passed over for banking and it was announce that the new tables will be here shortly. The Kickwall quote has been received for £898 + VAT.

Sale of Parish Pits

Brown and Co has been contacted to help with the sale and a report will be given to the next meeting.

Maintenance of Benches

Norman Clarke was thanked for the sterling work he has put in to bring the benches up to good condition.

Section 106 agreement monies

The application for play area funds has been submitted but 2 other applications are also in and it is unlikely that all of the funds will be available for use by North Elmham. It was confirmed that the play area does not need planning permission.

Play Equipment and Car Park proposals

Grant applications are all in and thanks were given to Ruth Luckett for preparing them.

Community Hall Working Group

Jennie Borgnis gave a report of the last Community Hall Working Group and explained that at PW-M’s request the group had reassessed the possibility of placing the Hall on an alternative site , however the Group had agreed that Kings Head Meadow was the correct location as it was probably the most central point of the village, was better for access and much more cost effective. A £20,000 grant has been allocated for initial surveys, planning applications and architects fees etc and the offer needs signing. It was mentioned that unfortunately the monies would probably need to be paid in advance and reclaimed afterwards due to the way the grant is structured. P W-M asked that the public be informed as to timetables to allow public discussion, however it was pointed out that until all of the valuations and surveys have been done, there is nothing to report to the public for discussion. Siting of the proposed building is not even fixed, as it will depend on the results of the topographical and drainage surveys. The proposed Hall plan is exactly the same as was presented to the CPAG Public Meetings and explained by the Architect a couple of years ago (and also displayed in the Post Office). It was totally agreed that when there are concrete proposals, all the users and the public will be fully consulted, but at the moment it is all ideas and concept and subject to change (especially time scales when dealing with Grant Funding bodies). A lengthy discussion followed.

Development outside the settlement boundary.

The meeting was reminded that Mike Brennan (Senior Planning Officer) would be attending the next meeting and could be quizzed then regarding this matter – it was suggested that this be held in the public session before the meeting to give everyone a chance to ask questions.

Quarterly Financial Report

It was reported that the budget was on target, 22% of expenditure had been made in the previous 3 months. The budget was approved.

Planning Applications and Determinations

There were no Planning Applications this month.


Mr T Stephens, Barns adjacent Old Hall Farm, Eastgate Street
New site entrance and conversion of existing building
Planning Permission Granted

Mr N Andrews, 4 Holt Road, North Elmham
Demolition single storey extension and erection of 2-storey extension
Planning Permission Granted

Mr H S Thompson, Station Yard, North Elmham
Residential development for 19 dwellings
Outline permission granted subject to restrictions especially regarding those appertaining to the Mid Norfolk Railway and pedestrian access.


It was suggested by John Labouchere that the Highway Rangers wash the village signs and finger posts etc

Date of next meeting: September 3rd.